Find Girls Online – Younger Women Better Love Life?

That a lot of mature gentlemen in their best years have a soft spot for younger women is not a secret anymore. A closer look at profiles of online dating and lifestyle platform communities reveals that many older men are preferring younger ladies, because they hope to increase their sex life.

Men are more attracted to younger women because they automatically associate them with being better when it comes to activities in the bedroom. They imagine a young, beautiful and passionate body with a wild spirit and a never ending lust and desire. They want to be sought after, and desired as a man by young and pretty ladies.

Luckily, it also works the other way round. Young women who prefer mature gentlemen imagine them as an experienced love partner who knows what he wants and who knows even better how to touch and treat a woman right. Imaginations even get hotter, when money is attached to it. Rich men are proven to be more attractive to women in general. Money is powerful, so women also consider wealthy men as powerful and this aura has a certain spirit to it which attracts younger women more than anything else. (Although they sometimes don’t admit it.) Studies even revealed, that women with older and rich partners are likely to have more frequent orgasms. An interesting fact for which the reason was not yet fully discovered.

Our imagination is powerful and can blur reality, especially when it comes to sexual attraction. In real life, things can vary and look completely different from our imagination. When men start dating younger ladies with all the hopes and imaginations they built up, they take the risk to be disappointed. Most of the times reality comes close to their imaginations.

Fact is, the quality of sex life is not attached to a certain age group. There are pros and cons for every generation of women. Younger women might be in the prime of their beauty and curious about sex, but they are also likely to not yet be 100% confident with regards to their own bodies. This might lead to insecurity in bed and to certain impediments. Statistically, women start having the best sex of their life from the age of 30 to 40. This is when they became totally confident about their own bodies and able to let go completely. Some older women might face fading beauty, whereas it lays in the eye of the beholder, but they are much more experienced, daring and confident when it comes to sex.

These are, however, the extremes. A great sex life depends on many more things than age and looks. Just like it is the case with kissing and talking, sex has to have a common ground. There has to be a mutual affection and it just has to seem effortless and flowing. Whether a woman is 20 or 65 does not have anything to do with the quality of sex.