Dating Younger Women After A Divorce Or Break Up

Birth. School. University. Career. Marriage. Property. Children. That is the mill a lot of people live in. No questions about no doubts, that’s the way mankind did it and will always keep on doing. Only when this predicable chain of events gets unexpectedly interrupted by some unplanned event, some people start to wonder, if that is really the way they want to lead their lives.

Leading a long marriage can end in the feeling that we are living the life of someone else. We go on living day by day without ever wondering if that is the life we really want to live. A break up can be like a wake up call. Gentlemen of mature age might then feel the desire to start their life all over again but in a completely different way.

Desires change, so does the choice of partners. Every second marriage fails and ends in divorce. About 40% of the men between 50 and 70 chose younger women as their new partner after their break up with a woman of their age. This is due to the fact that they suddenly realise what life has got in store for them. They feel the desire to be wanted, desired and young again.

The decision to look for a younger woman is one thing. The other is finding her and realising that dream. Online dating services and lifestyle platforms make it easier for older gentlemen to find younger ladies. Once the younger woman of their dreams is found, the next big obstacle is just around the corner. And that’s bringing her into his life.

This step might be very difficult as the majority of man in this age group have established a certain lifestyle. They might have children and a social environment, where no one has a younger girlfriend. Men must therefore be prepared to be confronted with rejection. Children and friends might find it very difficult to accept a younger woman on his side. The gentleman has to be very patient and careful not to hurt any people he loves.

But this is not the only issue that arises. Living together with a younger woman is very different. There will be unknown problems and questions to master. It is important that the older man gets informed about what younger women truly need and want. And he must be aware of the fact, that life will be very different than it used to be. Living in a permanent relationship with a younger lady means that other subjects and values might become important.

Making a younger girlfriend or wife happy is not a walk in the park. She is in the prime of their life and has nothing to lose, she could leave whenever she feels like to and chose another man. Therefore the gentleman has to do his best to understand his new partner, listen to her needs and finding a way to establish a long lasting relationship.