How Long Can A Relationship With A Younger Women Last?

Many mature gentlemen share one dream – dating younger women. And in times where the success of online lifestyle platforms and dating services is constantly growing, it is no problem anymore to find the made-to-measure partner. All one has to do is find the right online dating provider to match their needs, create a profile to sum up what they look for, and start chatting with other members of the online community. The Internet has become the no. 1 platform to find a likeminded partner. In the UK alone, about 35% of all couples found each other via online dating. And the numbers are increasing. Especially the partner combination older gentleman-younger lady shows strong growth.

A high number of men between 45 and 65 prefer a younger woman to establish a relationship with. Among the myriad of reasons for this are higher chances to have children, spicing up the private and sex life, and sharing an active and joyful lifestyle. Surveys about mature men living with younger ladies confirm, that the above mentioned are the positive values of their relationship.

The question that arises here is, how long will they last? Aren’t they all fading and temporary pleasures? Critics claim that the transience of all things holding younger women and older men together is just a matter of time.

Keeping relationships healthy and successful over a long period of time is hard enough without age difference. But when it comes to partnerships with big age differences it is even harder. Couples might face many obstacles. As time goes by and the mature gentleman gets older and older, the younger lady might develop certain needs and expectations that her partner cannot live up to anymore.

When choosing a younger woman, men have to be aware of the fact that present things might fade and that unexpected problems might arise. For example should he expect that she might want to have children at some point. Maybe he already has children or he decided not to have any at all. Important issues like that should be clarified right from the start to avoid problems in the future that might lead to a separation.

However, if both, the younger woman and the older man, are talking honestly about all their desires and needs and if they manage to find compromises, it can be a very successful, happy and long lasting constellation.

At the end of the day, luck and success in relationships has nothing to do with age or age differences. According to a British study carried out in 2008, relationships with age difference are just as likely to fail as relationships between partners of the same age. The only difference are the reasons. While couples without age difference get separated because of cheating and differences of opinion, old men and younger women break up mostly because they notice that there is a lack of things, hobbies and views they share.