Older Man Meets Younger Woman – True Love or Status Symbol?

Lifestyle platforms on the Internet are full of single young ladies looking for mature men and vice versa. The advantages of this constellation are obvious. Younger women search for private and financial security, safety, and guidance. Older gentlemen want a beautiful companion who makes them feel happy, young, desired, and needed.

Looking at relationships between a mature gentleman and a younger lady from a critical point of view, gives way to the question if it can be true love or if it is plain expedience. We see celebrity partnerships with big age differences fail and read in the papers, that the whole thing was a hoax and planned from scratch for PR reasons.

Women in their 40s or 50s who were left by their husbands for a younger woman assume only superficial and transient reasons behind it. The common prejudices include that mature men try to avoid to drown in their midlife crisis, and that younger women are only looking for a sugardaddy.

In some cases this might even be true. But who said relationships have to be built on love instead of a healthy balance of giving and taking? True love does not have to be there right from the start, it can develop by getting to know somebody inside out. And even if love never comes and the relationship fails, maybe all we want sometimes is having a great time.

Gentlemen, if you were single and had the chance of going out with a beautiful younger lady how dare you saying No to it? And young ladies, when charmed by a mature, experienced, classy gentleman why not go and grab him? Life is too short to always think about what’s wrong and what’s right. It is to short to always listen to what parents, friends, society and media have to say. Life is all about opportunities, seeing them and taking advantage of them without hurting others.

Partnerships with age differences have many advantages and disadvantages but in the end they are just the same as any other relationship. Same problems, same pleasures, same questions, same arguments, same future. And who gives us the right to judge about the choice of partner of other people anyway? The intentions of others are non of our business. Deep down, every human being is looking for true love. Furthermore, every human being has preferences. Some people prefer an English partner, some a black partner and others a partner of the same sex. Likewise, some older men prefer to go out with younger women and some younger ladies are more attracted by mature gentlemen. No matter who or what we are attracted to, the great thing about life in the western civilization is that we own the biggest privilege on earth: the freedom of choice.