Younger Women And Their Desire To Have A Child

“Children” is a subject hardly ever to avoid when people establish serious relationships. Couples cannot begin early enough to find a mutual agreement on this subject. Otherwise it might end with wrong hopes and disappointments.

Gentlemen in relationships with younger women can confirm, that the question whether to have children or not is a constant and ever-present issue. And that’s no surprise, because by the time middle-aged gentlemen and younger ladies come together, it is likely that she hasn’t been married and children yet. Whereas the older gentleman might have children already and wasn’t planning more.

If he was, however, his chances to have more children are considerably higher when choosing a younger woman. Not only because younger women are more likely to have the desire to be a mother, but also from a biological point of view. The best and most secure age to have children is the age between 18 and 28.

Whatever the case, younger women and older men should be honest to each other when it comes to this important and life changing subject. The best thing to do is to be honest right from the start. When searching for a younger or older partner online, singles should state in their profiles straight away if they either have children, want children or don’t want children. That way other singles can immediately decide whether they want to establish contact or not.

Sadly enough, in many online lifestyle platforms and online dating forums it’s mostly the younger ladies who are not entirely honest when it comes to this subject. Might be that they don’t want to ruin their chances of finding the gentleman of their dreams. Might also be that they don’t even know if they want to be a mother at all. Whatever the case, the man should always make sure, that he asks the younger lady he is dating relatively early what her opinion is. And if she is absolutely sure that she wants to be a mother some day and that she is looking for a potential father, the gentleman has to think about what consequences this might have for his life and if he even wants to be a father (again).

Maybe the lady even has some children already. That is also something she should inform men about as soon as possible, in case she intends to start a relationship with him. Not only has the man to accept the kids, he also has to get on with them. And if it shows to be a longer lasting relationship, those kids also need to get along with his children, if there are any.

Younger ladies are more likely to have a desire for children as older women. This is something men should always be aware of. A disagreeing viewpoint in this matter is among the number one reasons why younger women and older gentlemen break up with each other.