Rejected By A Younger Women – What To Do

Martin McHalogan, 57 years old, was confronted with the same fate as many gentlemen of his age. He met his younger ex-girlfriend on the Internet and a dream came true. But then he lost her and he must experience the worst heartache and feeling of failure of his entire life. “Everything was just amazing”, he said. “I found this lifestyle platform on the internet where younger ladies look for a mature gentleman and I thought, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Although I never considered online dating before, I found it easy to register and become a part of the online community. I had great chats, and conversations, and even some dates with a number of beautiful and interesting younger women. About 4 months after I joined, I met the special lady. She just blew me away!”.

Martin and his 23 years younger girlfriend started dating and had a really good time. The affection and interest was mutual so it didn’t take very long until they agreed to call it a permanent relationship. Martin calls it the happiest time of his life: “Before her, I only ever had women my age or max. 5 years younger. I had always been dreaming of a younger lady. And I should not be disappointed. She was so full of life and energy, every day with her I felt like a new born man. There was not a single weekend where we stayed in. We always did something nice and fun. And she was so adorable and beautiful. It felt amazing to be desired by a younger lady.”

But the love sky was soon covered with some dark clouds. Martin is head of a successful company and his worklife is extremely time consuming. Sometimes it was a problem to balance between professional and private life. His younger girlfriend was working as well but she had still enough time and power to go out every Friday and Saturday. Soon she started to go out without him. Months past by like that and happy moments became rare. “We weren’t sharing any quality time together anymore. She withdrew herself from me and we both got the feeling, that we were alienating from each other. I tried to shovel free some more time for her, but whatever I tried to make her happy again felt like a real effort.”

The younger woman left Martin explaining to him that they are worlds apart and that it simply doesn’t work. That left him devastated. “It was the worst day in my life. I don’t really know what I could have done better.”

Martin sees the main problem in their differing pace of living. “I was a fool to think I could keep up with her pace, going out two nights every weekend.” But he also learned from it: “I don’t give up hope, the Internet is full of beautiful younger ladies and next time I will look for one who has the same ideas about spending free time.”